UQAttic Community Code of Conduct

UQAttic is not affiliated with The University of Queensland. It is an independent community.

The UQAttic community is made up of participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, all with different skills, personalities and experiences. The diversity of UQAttic is one of its strengths, and contributes to the success of the community as a whole. When you are participating in UQAttic, whether online or offline, there are some guidelines that we encourage you to follow, to ensure the community can continue to be a positive environment for everyone.

The community will endeavour to be:

As a community we aim to be considerate. We are thoughtful when speaking to others, and tactful when approaching differing views. If we make a mistake, we take responsibility for it. If someone was harmed or offended, we listen carefully and respectfully, and work together to resolve the issue.
As a community we aim to be inclusive. We will ensure that all our interactions and material is appropriate for a mixed audience. We will not exclude or discriminate against other participants, regardless of age, race, gender, background, disability, appearance, walk of life or religion.
As a community we will respect others. We will work together to resolve conflict and do our best to act in a positive manner. Any frustration should not turn into a personal attack, and we should be courteous when raising issues.

Overall, we are involved with UQAttic because we want to, not because we have to. These guidelines are not exhaustive nor complete, and are not a strict set of rules to follow or break. They aim to share a common understanding of what makes the UQAttic community a positive environment for all participants.

We remind everyone that we will not tolerate harassment or any abusive, discriminatory or derogatory behaviour within the UQAttic community. Complaints can be made to the moderators via the methods set out on the UQAttic website. All complaints made will be treated as confidential and will be taken seriously. If they consider it appropriate, moderators may take actions including, but not not limited to:

  • asking someone to apologise
  • asking someone to adjust their behaviour
  • warning that further action may be taken if behaviour continues
  • ejecting someone from the community for a period of time, if repeated warnings are ignored


Based on the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, the Python Community Code of Conduct and the Linux Australia Conference Code of Conduct

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UQAttic is not affiliated with The University of Queensland. It is an independent community.