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The UQAttic community is growing as the unofficial chat service for UQ.

Our main channels (chatrooms) are #attichelp (the dedicated help channel for students), and #attic (a lively and lightly moderated general chat).

Click below to join in on the conversation, or point your own IRC client to / #attic.

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Docs Editing Permissions

In order to edit UQAttic Docs, you need to join our Editors group. Just click the button below, sign in to your Google Account if prompted, then click "Apply for membership".

Once you've submitted the form, an administrator will add you to the Editors list and notify you by email. This helps us to prevent abuse of the Docs collection.

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If you haven't received an email within 24 hours with your invitation, please check your spam folder. If there is still nothing, please ask one of our operators.

You can also request editing access via the chatroom (#attichelp) or by sending a message to our Facebook team.


All documents linked to on this site have been contributed by students. Please remember that the correctness of these documents cannot be guaranteed; if you have any concerns about the accuracy of a document, add a comment to the relevant section or ask in the chatroom.

If you need to contact someone about the site or #attic, join the chatroom and PM dcf, jea, or ned.

To get in touch with a channel operator about #attichelp, join the chatroom and PM jea, jgat, or ned. You should only PM an operator if your query is related to an administrative issue.

You can contact a UQAttic administrator via this form, but please consider using one of the above options first.

Channel Rules

All channels follow the guidelines found in the UQAttic Community Code of Conduct.

The following rules apply to both #attic and #attichelp:

  • No flooding: do not repeatedly send identical or junk text. If you need to paste bulk text (e.g. code), use the EAIT Pastie Service or Pastebin.
  • Treat people with basic respect: don't troll or otherwise be disruptive. Pretty simple.
  • Do not spam: please do not send unsolicited advertising. For example, if you want to get people in the UQAttic community involved in something you're doing, come and have a chat about it first then send a link if anyone's interested.

#attichelp has some additional rules and guidelines specific to it:

  • Stay on-topic: this channel is for assignment, study, and degree help only. It's okay if a help topic brings up a few lines of related discussion, but take anything beyond that to #attic.
  • Don't PM a helper unless they tell you to: instead, keep the discussion in the channel. This helps to preserve transparency and may help others who are having the same problem.
  • Be patient: most users try to assist others wherever they can, but don't take it personally if someone doesn't immediately rush to your aid. Helpers might be busy with their own commitments, and they are not obliged to constantly provide assistance. Course staff (if they choose to join the channel) are also not under any obligation to help.
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Our Course Docs service can help you revise for those upcoming exams, via collaboration with other students.

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